About Yi Hui Charcoal

Yi Hui Charcoal has manufactured/distributed a complete line of quality charcoal products made from 100% natural selected woods. Through our unique processes we are able to rid our wood of the unwanted foreign materials including resins/acids. What remains is only natural fiber, accounting for the subtle, natural flavor that foods capture when cooked with our products.

At Yi Hui Charcoal , we are dedicated to providing our customers with great Charcoal and friendly service. We value your business. We have made it our mission to provide reliable products and services in our customer-driven approach. Charcoal Supplier 

  • We are the only white charcoal/Binchotan manufacturer in Namibia.

  • We are the charcoal supplier and distributor in various countries. 

  • The only that use bricks pot to manufacture charcoal in Namibia. 

  • We use a combination of techniques from Vietnam、Indonesia、Burma、Singapore and Taiwan to produce a better quality Charcoal.

  • No other charcoal burns cleaner, hotter and longer than Yi Hui Charcoal. 

  • Sears meat quicker, locking in the natural flavor with the added bonus of saving
    you both time and money. 
    Charcoal Supplier 

  • There are no chemical additives or fillers, just 100% pure hardwood charcoal,
    make any food more flavorful.

  • Yi Hui Charcoal is the healthier, wiser choice of the expert barbecue chef.

100% satisfaction with our product