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GREAT TASTING, LONGEST LASTING, CLEANEST BURNING, 100% all natural hardwood lump and hardwood charcoal is the perfect fuel for every outdoor griller.


Good lighting characteristics, high heat and low ash production. Our charcoal is manufactured using 100% Hardwood scraps from sawmills and lumber yards, yielding a pure product that contains no chemicals, additives or environmentally harmful fillers. The use of 100% Hardwood from the start of the manufacturing process creates a product with virtually no impurities, making Yi Hui Charcoal the purest of Hardwood charcoal available.


Yi Hui Charcoal Chunks is available for bulk ordering. Our charcoal is considered some of the best Pure Hardwood Lump Charcoal on the market. As well as being great for grilling, lump charcoal is also ideal for any manufacturing process that requires high heat and low ash production.

Most of our charcoal is sold wholesale to gourmet retailers and the restaurant industry. Yi Hui Charcoal produces a long-lasting, hot burning fire that adds a great smoke flavor to grilled and smoked foods.

Difference between White charcoal and Black charcoal


Ordinary Black Charcoal:

To produce black charcoal the wood is carbonized at temperatures between 600 and 800 °C, the kiln is sealed until the burning stops and till the heat slowly dies away. Normally, all the processing time take 15 days for small kiln, for all bricks kiln will need to take up to 35 days for the process. Black charcoal is soft and retains the outer layer of the wood. Our charcoal is easy to ignite and burning slow, it can burn up to 3 hours.

White Charcoal:

To produce white charcoal, temperature reaches 1000 °C to carbonize the wood. Making white charcoal, you need to be skilled in removing the charcoals, which have turned deep red, from the kiln and quickly extinguishing it by sealing or cover sand or ash to remove all the oxygen.

The coal with white color to the surface. This is where the name "white charcoal" or “Binchontan” in Japan.


Benefits of White Charcoal:

White charcoal has several benefits.

Filtering water to purify and release natural minerals

It can supplies negative ions and purifies and balances the moisture content in the air.

When we ignite white charcoal , it can burn for 6 hour, without any smell、smoke and high heat.


Black Lump

Lump charcoal (Black) Size > 40mm

black round

Round Stick charcoal (Black) Size >100mm

white lump

Lump charcoal (White/Binchotan) Size > 40mm

white round

Round Stick charcoal (White/Binchotan) Size >100mm